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Private Medicals

Both Dr A Scott-Brown and Dr K Vernon are approved doctors for the Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) and perform medicals for those that are looking to obtain or renew their ENG1 Fitness to serve as a seafarer certificate.

Island City Practice offer the following private, paid for medicals:

  • Seafarer ENG1 Medical – £115
  • ML5 – £115
  • Oil & Gas Medical – £115
  • Taxi Medical (To include HGV and PSV’s) – £100

To arrange an appointment, please call Island City Practice on 02392 009 117 and select option 5.

What to bring with you

  • Photographic proof of identity e.g. passport/discharge book
  • Name, address and telephone number of your general practitioner
  • Any letters or reports you may have about your recent medical treatment
  • Any prescribed medication
  • Previous ENG1 certificate (if applicable)
  • Please also be aware that a urine sample will be taken
  • Glasses / contact lenses (contact lenses will need to be removed prior to the sight test)
  • Please avoid working in noisy environments 24 hours before medical, this may interfere with hearing audiometry testing.
  • Due to Covid 19, if at all possible to supply your own headphones/ear buds to use with our Audio Pad, this needs a 3.5mm jack fitting. We do have headphone sets here if this is not possible.

Nature of the ENG1 examination

The Approved Doctor will review your medical history, and then examining you. The average duration of the assessment will be 30-45 minutes. The standard examination will at minimum include:

  • Observation of posture, movement and gait
  • Pulse, blood pressure, height, weight, Body mass Index, urine test
  • Examination of skin and also leg veins
  • Clinical test of ears, and hearing if necessary, Clinical test of eyes and eyesight
  • Examination of teeth, gums, mouth and throat
  • Examination of heart, lungs and neurological system
  • Examination of abdomen including checking for hernias
  • Other test that might be clinically indicated from the history will be explained
  • It will be necessary for you to be partially undressed to conduct a full examination (down to bra and underpants for females, underpants for males). Privacy and dignity will be of paramount importance at all times and you will be offered a chaperone. Further information may be required from your GP or specialist prior to making a fitness decision.